About the Author

As a native of Ponca City, I was born in a town rich in history. Darr School of Aeronautics, Ponca City’s British flying training school, had closed just one year before I was born. Perhaps I heard enough flying tales as I grew up to subliminally pique my interest in aviation. Judging from the picture of me as a two year old, "flying" down the street with my first cousin, Jim, I may have taken some interest in what had flown before me.

My cousin was keen about flying. As an adult he joined the United States Air Force, eventually achieving the rank of Colonel before his retirement. However, my interest in these schools occurred much later and quite by accident.

As a child and later as a young adult, I was too busy pursuing my own interests to realize what a treasure-trove of history my state and local surroundings contained. As an adult, I became addicted to seeking facts and photos about events which had occurred in my "neck of the woods." In 1994 I was responsible for founding the North Central Oklahoma Historical Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of my county. Together, with a board of dedicated directors, we successfully published a national award winning, two-volume history entitled North Central Oklahoma: Rooted in the Past, Growing for the Future.